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  • Teacher: Urban Tutorial
  • Released: 2020-06-18 06:51:00
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Joomla 3x Tutorial Final Exam


Learn how to create web pages using Joomla 3x with this online tutorial. To use this product you need an Internet connection.  You can view the videos online, do the simulation exercises (interactive exercises) online, and do the multiple choice exercises online.  The tutorial has 5 lessons in which you will learn:
Lesson 1
  • Installing Joomla Online with Softaculous
  • Installing Joomla Manually Online
  • Installing Joomla on XAMPP
  • Installing Joomla Manually on XAMPP
Lesson 2
  • How to create an article and a Featured article
  • Inserting Pictures on an article
  • Inserting Read more
  • Inserting links on an article
  • Inserting meta keywords
Lesson 3
  • Creating categories
  • Putting Articles in their category
  • Adding menu items
  • Menu category blog
  • Menu Category list
Lesson 4
  • Changing templates
  • Creating Banners
  • Create a Contact item using the Joomla Contacts component
  • Publish the newly created Contact
  • Link the Contact page in a Joomla menu
Lesson 5
  • Installing templates
  • Installing extensions
  • Backing Up Joomla with Akeeba backup 
  • Restoring the Akeeba backup on another site
  • Working with quickstart installations 


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Urban Tutorial

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There is no prerequisites to take this course but you will be able to use better Joomla 3x if you know html, css, and bootstrap.  Knowing PHP will give you a even greater advantage because Joomla is based on PHP.

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